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The River City Rotary Club began as a group of friends (some Rotarians, some not) who met at O’Tooles Irish Pub on a weekly basis to catch up. The group was comprised of diverse men and women, all active in their communities and all with a penchant for volunteerism on a local level that could translate into a greater good.

The Rotarians in the group had an “Aha!” moment and worked to officially charter The River City Rotary Club. The founding members fanned out, invited more friends and colleagues with similar outlooks and spent their first year shaping the club’s focus, footprint and personality.

We began participating in local charitable activities, collecting small sums for deserving recipients and building a plan to evolve into a valuable community partner. River City Rotary Club was officially chartered by Rotary International on November 29, 2011.

River City Rotary is a non-traditional Rotary Club. The club meets on Thursday nights after work and is comprised of a diverse cross section from the local area. The members are hospitable, fun, and hardworking and we strive to serve our community as well as building support for global initiatives through Rotary International.

Visit us at O’Toole’s Pub and Restaurant, 4800 Forest Hill Avenue, Richmond, VA  23225

2nd Thursdays of each month – Pub Trivia Night!  Dinner at 6 PM, Trivia at 7 PM

4th Thursdays of each month – Regular meeting at 6 PM, board meeting at 7 PM